Precision Procedure

orthopedic spine surgeon dr. justin kubeck going over his precision procedure with a new patient

A step-by-step approach to


Patients who come to see Dr. Justin Kubeck for the first time are often surprised when he doesn’t recommend surgery as the first line of treatment.


“I always tell new patients that we first need to see what makes sense for their individual circumstances – whether it’s medication, or therapy, or ultimately, surgery,” Dr. Kubeck explained. “There is a protocol that I follow; I don’t ever just go in and ‘do’ surgery.”


Dr. Kubeck calls his approach to spine care the Precision Procedure and uses it to determine how best a patient’s pain can be relieved. The Precision Procedure is Dr. Kubeck’s commitment to his patients to get them back on their feet and living their lives pain-free.


“For me, developing the best treatment plan for an individual patient is very proceduralized,” he said. “Once we determine the problem, then I say ‘Here’s what you can expect, here are your options, and here is what we will decide together.’”


This step-by-step approach is one of the ways Dr. Kubeck is able to deliver great outcomes for his patients. (Click here to read some of the comments from his patients.)

It’s all about


Trust is another big component of the Precision Procedure and Dr. Kubeck works hard to build a relationship with his patients.


“My patients place an enormous amount of trust in me,” explained Dr. Kubeck. “Nobody wants to be operated on – especially not a spinal operation. I appreciate and understand people’s apprehensions and fear.”


“It’s my job to find a solution to their pain and explain it in a fashion that my patient understands. Once she understands the problem and my approach to fix it, I can alleviate the fear and it is replaced with hope.”


“I want my patients to truly understand that I have their best interests at heart and that any recommendation for treatment that I make is centered around their individual circumstances,” he said.


Dr. Kubeck’s ability to communicate in a down-to-earth manner means that patients understand their treatment plans and expected outcomes.

dr. justin kubrick explaining the precision procedure to a new patient
Dr. justin kubeck hugs a patient of theprecision procedure

Conquering fear through


One of the first things patients notice about Dr. Kubeck is that he has deep-seated compassion for their pain.


“I see the fear in their eyes when they walk into my office and a big part of my job is to alleviate that fear and replace it with hope,” he said.


Dr. Kubeck believes the more engaged patients are, the less fearful they will be. As part of his Precision Procedure, he makes sure they understand all their options, are involved in the decision-making, and are invested in the process.


“I feel very blessed that I am able to do what I do,” Dr. Kubeck said. “My reward comes when my patient no longer has to worry about pain anymore – they are doing what they do with their lives.”